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I’ve been vegan for a while, and Fiona’s workshop gave me a few tips to help fix mistakes I’ve been making with my diet—how to boost iron absorption and pay more attention to my calcium intake.

I also learnt a lot about protein—that you can find it in practically everything, and that the body can only process a certain amount at a time, so you don’t need to eat meat or even try particularly hard to get an adequate amount. As long as you eat, you will get protein. I also feel relaxed about eating soy products, whereas previously I’d been under the impression soy was bad for you and tried to avoid it.

Whether you are a long-term vegan, a new vegan, or just considering veganism, it is important to make sure you are getting the right facts about vegan nutrition from an actual expert like Fiona. There is so much false information on vegan diets, even doctors and naturopaths can tell you misleading things out of ignorance.

Fiona Doyle