What others are saying

Fiona’s workshop has given me a great framework and understanding to help me maintain and continuously improve aspects of my diet and lifestyle. It helped me understand vegan nutrition with a simple and logical approach. I learnt some strategies I can use to help improve absorption of iron, and I also valued learning more about vitamin B12 and fats and oils.

I really enjoyed listening to all the information hoping to learn something new and interesting (which I did!). I also thought it was great to see a guide to the serving sizes for nutrients like protein and calcium. It was also nice to meet new people and connect with others on the same or similar path in life in regards to lifestyle and diet.

I think this workshop is great for anyone looking to learn more about a vegan diet, gain more information about their current vegan diet, meet others and provide people with the right tools and resources to live a practical and sustainable lifestyle being vegan. It can help those curious about transitioning to a vegan diet and/or even support those and provide more information for people who are already vegan.

Fiona’s workshop was fantastic! I enjoyed listening and learning about the essentials of a vegan diet!

Angelina P